Room 4

13:40 - 14:40 (UTC+10)

Talk (60 min)

Green Blue strategy makes your Microservice deployment nice and easy

Microservice is a blazing topic today. From SMEs to large corporations, building solution in microservice architecture has been the trend. However, how to quickly build and deploy the microservice to production across different environments while keeping the impact to the live production side to the minimal have been a challenge.


In my talk, I will show the audience how to build the DevOps pipeline and work out a release strategy to better deploy micro-services into production. I call it MicroDevOps. We will use Azure DevOps to build a proof of concept to showcase the concept of blue green deployment and best practises to bring a microservice solution into production.

Patrick Zhao

Solution Architect @SSW providing enterprise solutions for clients.
My focus is .NET, Microsoft Azure, Big Data and Machine Learning.