Room 1

15:15 - 16:00 (UTC+10)

Talk (45 min)

Machine Learning for Software Developers (...and Knitters)

Advances in AI/ML tooling make it possible for anyone - not just data scientists - to create models that identify business risks, carry on conversations, drive cars, optimise vaccines, and even create art.

Machine Learning

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In this session Kris will give an overview of the state of AI/ML and some of its more creative applications, as well as a few services AWS has developed to make it easier to get started. Then she’ll dive deep into a demo application she built: an attempt to teach a computer to reverse engineer knitting patterns, in her evolving quest to build the world's first knitting replicator. (Yes, really.)

Kris Howard

For the last twenty years Kris has been helping companies build amazing things online, first in Australia and now in Europe as part of the AWS Developer Relations team. She also knits and sews, and no, she won't knit you a sweater.