The Agenda Committee

Who's behind the NDC Melbourne 2020 agenda?

Luce Carter
Luce is a proudly neurodiverse Microsoft MVP and software developer based in Manchester, England. When not writing mobile apps for fun in her spare time, she runs the Manchester Xamarin User Group, mentors for Code First Girls, writes for the Xamarin Weekly newsletter, edits and speaks at local user groups. Follow Luce on Twitter @LuceCarter1 and also her Blog at

Dylan Beattie
Dylan Beattie is an independent consultant who specialises in helping organisations bridge the knowledge gap between software development and business strategy. He’s been building data-driven web applications since the 1990s; he’s managed teams, taught workshops, and worked on everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He’s a Microsoft MVP, and he regularly speaks at conferences and user groups all over the world.

Lars Klint
Lars is an Azure instructor with A Cloud Guru, author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, aspiring Microsoft Azure expert and part time classic car collector. He is heavily involved in the space of cloud computing services, especially Azure, loves HoloLens and mixed reality, and is a published author, solution architect and writer for numerous publications.

Bron Thulke
Bron spends most of her time running flat-chat chasing after her young children, guiding others to kill goblins in dungeons or exploring the exciting latest cool toys in web development and general tech. She likes to wind down and relax by doing her work as the Cofounder and Lead Platform Developer at travel tech startup YouLive to Travel, as well as running her own web development business where she works on all sorts of interesting projects, solving various problems.

Yaser Adel Mehraban
Although it doesn’t look like it, Yas is an almond croissant addict cleverly disguised as a successful web developer. Since it was relatively clear early on that it would be slightly more than difficult to make a living out of eating croissants and drinking coffee, he’s focused his energy on the web, which happily has proven itself to be a wonderful decision.

William Liebenberg
William is a Solution Architect at SSW with real passion for his craft. His specializations include DevOps, Cloud, Architecture. Currently he is in love with Blazor, Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. He takes an interest to everything related to development – not only coding. William helps build and mentor development teams and works alongside stakeholders to achieve great outcomes.

David Wengier
David is a developer at Microsoft, working on the .NET Core project system in Visual Studio. A developer for the last 20 years, David has had experience in lots of different languages and environments, from cgi-bin scripts in Perl, to genetic algorithms in VB3, and Windows applications in COBOL. A series of terrible decisions, clearly, but he learnt in the end and now spends most of his time developing with .NET in C#, and enabling other developers to do the same. David is is mostly interested in C#, good design and Lego Technic and Creator Expert cars.

Kjersti Sandberg

Kjersti Sandberg is the founder of ProgramUtvikling AS and has organized NDC from the very beginning. Her daily job is with the professional areas of sale, marketing and business development. Here role within this year`s agenda committee has been to liaise with speakers and present good ideas.

Jakob Bradford
Jakob is the general manager of the NDC conferences. His role in the committee is making sure we don’t select more speakers than we can fit in the agenda which is a hard job with so many good suggestions. He sometimes nags about budgets, but the committee usually doesn’t care.