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Amy Dunstan

Corporate Wellness Manager and Lead Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Amy is the Corporate Wellness Manager and Lead Yoga & Meditation Teacher at Happy Melon Studios in Armadale, Melbourne. She has more than 8 years experience working in the corporate space at News Limited and the Australian Football League as well as an in-depth knowledge and practice in yoga, mediation and mindfulness. She is dedicated and passionate about designing and delivering meaningful and sustainable corporate wellness solutions to help improve the overall wellbeing of workplaces. She is also one of Melbourne's much loved Yoga and Meditation Teachers with more than 7 years of experience teaching in studios, online, at events and hosting retreats. Amy teaches in a way that is accessible to all, anatomically intelligent and deeply anchored in the spiritual roots of practice. She will help you slow your nervous system, release physical tension and calm your mind in a way that is both fun and challenging without realising it

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