Workshop: Building Value-driven Dashboards in Python

As someone who writes code that involves data, needing to explore, interact with, and analyse this data is a frequent occurrence. Dashboarding tools like Tableau and Power BI will go a long way here, however you are limited by their API, deployment and scalability is often a challenge, and ultimately, their underlying interface is not code, which is frequently going to be what you really should be building with.

In this workshop you will learn how to use Dash, an accessible Python library for rapidly building and deploying data-oriented web apps. We will go over some real-world contexts where it might be valuable for you or your team to create and maintain your own dashboards within your code base, rather than handing requirements over to a front end delivery team -- which is frequently not even an option.

During the workshop, we will progressively identify enhancements that can be made to our dashboards through different types of visualisations and different forms of interaction, all the while ensuring that each enhancement adds demonstrable value for the intended consumer of the dashboard.