Workshop: Developing with C# in 2020

Welcome to this half day workshop, and crash course, covering useful language features of C#.

This workshop is for developers that have worked in programming for a while, not necessarily C#, but also the C# developers that haven’t caught up on the latest changes in the language.

We will be working with the following: topics and techniques.

1. Nullable reference types – Moving towards immutability and less null reference exceptions
2. Asynchronous Programming – Tips & Tricks
3. Using Span< T > - Writing fast and memory efficient code
4. Pattern matching – Writing more beautiful and understandable code

Each topic will start off with a 15-minute explanation, followed by 30 minutes of exercises that we will complete together. We will talk about how the application changes, benefits and drawbacks of applying the language features.

At the end of the workshop we’ll open the floor and have an open discussion about application design, leveraging new language features and try to answer any of the questions there might be!

This is a workshop you really don’t want to miss if you’re a C# developer in 2020!