Workshop: Docker and Kubernetes - 1/2

Module 1/2

Containers such as Docker and container orchestration such as Kubernetes are hot topics right now, if you’re working on microservice architectures it very likely you’ll be looking at these technologies as they are a natural fit for microservices. Containers are also a great way of dealing with legacy applications and allowing you to use modern deployment techniques for these older applications.

This 2 day workshop will guide you through from beginning with creating containers all the way to running your containers on a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud.

We’ll cover the basics before moving onto more advanced topics, with a combination of slides and hands on exercises the attendees will learn the fundamentals of containers and by the end of the workshop will have a good understanding of Kubernetes, how to run it and how to run their applications on Kubernetes.

Topics covered

  • Docker fundamentals
  • Creating Docker containers from code
  • Running containers locally
  • Using container registries
  • Serverless containers
  • Windows containers (*hands on exercises will require a Windows laptop)
  • Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Creating Kubernetes clusters
  • Packaging applications using Helm
  • Networking concepts
  • Autoscaling


  • Laptop with network access
  • Software installed (see below)

Computer setup

  • Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-v and Docker for Windows (with Kubernetes cluster setup)
  • Macs with Docker for Mac installed (with Kubernetes cluster setup)
  • Local development environment (Visual Studio 2016+ / Visual Studio Code)