Workshop: Event driven : All roads lead to Kafka

Build a taxi booking application with Apache Kafka. During this workshop we’ll discuss what Kafka is and how to use this exciting, modern distributed streaming platform in your next data project. From the ground up we'll build a practical data management system to stream data, aggregate results and deliver live visual mapping of a taxi booking application.

This hands-on labs you’ll build an application that can:

  • Publish data to Kafka and subscribe to consume data from Kafka
  • Serialize data in AVRO and Protobuf
  • Register schemas and handle changes with schema evolution
  • Leverage APIs in for producing and consuming messages against Kafka topics
  • Build topologies to transform and aggregate streaming payloads
  • Understand the Kafka connect framework to easily connect to external databases and elastic
  • Build a live mapping dashboard with Kibana
This workshop is ideal for application developers, data engineers, or data scientists who need to interact with distributed messaging and streaming data platforms.


To make the most of the hands-on lab you will need to install the following software before you arrive:

  • Docker Desktop (Windows or macOS)
  • Git