Workshop: Web performance matters - 2/2

Module 2/2

Yas has been optimising performance for many web applications throughout his career, and along the way has learnt a ton of techniques which easily will result in performance boost. He also has an extensive blog series on web performance being top ranked in the developer community platforms such as

So he has put together this web performance workshop which has everything you'll need to get you started on a journey which results in your user's happiness.

It contains these modules, accompanied by a demo app which you will use to follow along:
1- Finding performance issues
2- App shell, critical rendering path, and perceived performance
3- HTML and CSS improvements
4- JavaScript improvements, tips and tricks
5- Web fonts
6- Image optimisations

When finished, you'll have some great skills in your toolbox to get you where most of today's web developers are missing.


In order to have a smooth workshop, make sure you have these installed:

* VS Code

* NodeJs
* npm/yarn

* http-server or serve (or any other local web server)